100% Natural Herbal Hair Growth Treatment Powder (1000g)

This herbal hair growth powder has a cell break efficiency of 95% & above. 

What does that mean for the user? 

This means the  effectiveness is 5 - 8 more than other herbal hair growth masks. 

With the cryodesiccation technology, 100% of the herbs' effectiveness have been preserved during the process through grinding. 

Herbs are sourced from the SINGAPORE'S  First Health Science Authority (HSA) approved Herbs & Traditional Medicine Company.

A decade of rich history and track record in supplying the main TCM  Practitioners in Singapore. 

This exclusive formulated blend of herbs targets hair loss, hair thinning, alopecia areata, dandruff, male pattern baldness, female pattern baldness,etc. 

100% Natural without any preservatives or additives will give you the peace of mind in knowing the quality of the ingredients in the blend.

100% Natural Herbal Hair Growth Treatment Powder (1000g)