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Hair Loss Aid

100% Natural hair regrowth solutions to nurse your hair and scalp back to health. Reducing oily scalp, dandruffs, hair fall problems. Highly recommended for individuals that are facing hair loss due to oily scalp conditions.

Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP)

Scalp Micropigmentation is a procedure that involves pigment placement on the epidermis of the scalp. The immediate solution to achieve the natural appearance of hair follicles without undergoing invasive treatments or hair transplants.

Hair Growth Factor

AnagenEx, is a procedure performed by using intensive photon + hair growth factors that stimulate and awaken your hair follicles from the telogen phase and blocks Dihydrotestosterone(DHT) to reduce hair fall and increase natural hair volume. 


Siva Nyanam

101% satisfied with the service! Been with TrichoMD for a month now and not only me that noticing the hair has thickened, but my family and friends as well. More confident to go for outings nowadays😉. Thank you Jenny for the experience! Looking forward for my amazing hair journey. This is the ultimate place for for those who always been wanting a natural yet affordable scalp/hair treatment!

Mychelle Wong

I have been doing SMP and herbal hair treatments with TrichoMD for the past 2 months. All I can say it, they are definitely a lifesaver!! Thank you so much Jenny for reviving my almost-dying hair, giving it sucha boost! Not to mention the awesome service and after- service you provide. I’ve never felt so safe and satisfied with anywhere else. Definitely a thumbs up! People with hair loss problems or generally just wanna pamper your hair, please give this place a try. You will not regret! Tdx x

Lynda InGuk

I really appreciate the way TrichoMD have cared for my hairloss problems. I can't remember a time when my hair feels so thick and frizz-free. Several visits for the hair growth herbal treatments, using the herbal hair growth shampoo and with the help of MEZO Scalp Micropigmentation have changed how my hair looks now compared to before. Thank you TrichoMD for your excellent service!!!

Liu Yujia

Miss Jenny is very patient and meticulous. She is very knowledgeable and skilled as well. The procedure of ombre digital brows was not painful at all and the effect has been amazing. I don’t experience any itch or discomfort and words cannot describe how much I love my new pair of beautiful brows!

Cay V

Did SMP with TrichoMD, Procedure was smooth, quick, painless. Very satisfied  with the natural looking results and fuller looking hair. Jenny is very friendly, professional and meticulous. The result is very satisfying and instantaneous. Hair looks alot fuller now.

Lynn Yeoh

I feel very blessed to have this treatment . Everything is made from natural herbs which stimulates your scalp . After treatment , scalp feels sparkling clean. With the use of the specially formulated shampoo , the scalp no longer feels greasy and the hair becomes bouncy .


Taking Care of Your Hair and Scalp

We Plan Your Hair Growth Journey

Trichomd is dedicated to the highest quality of (SMP) Scalp Micropigmentation and Hair Loss Aid delivered with trust, understanding, professionalism and care. We help men and women globally in gaining back their crown and confidence. 

Unsure about what kind of hair loss treatments is suitable for you? We can customize a hair growth plan to suit your needs.

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